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About us


Hindon Village Stores is staffed mostly by volunteers from the village's population of approximately 500.

We are open 7 days a week, from 8am until 7pm on weekdays. 

Residents volunteer 2 hours per week to help run the shop, which sells local produce including fresh fruit and vegetables, meat and bread, plus newspapers - not forgetting household essentials.  We also bake our own croissants, pastries and baguettes daily.

Our range of products is always expanding and our shop prides itself on supplying locally-produced vegetables, meat, fish, honey and other food wherever possible.

Our Team


Jules Garner-Rudmen manages the shop on a day to day basis, assisted by Kelvin Watts, the Post Master, and a large team of volunteers.

As one of the few remaining villages to retain a Post Office, we are grateful to our community for its continued support, without which we would have most certainly lost this facility.

Kelvin Watts, the Post Master, has worked in the village shop for over 30 years and is a familiar face to all our customers. 

Our History


In 2009, the villagers of Hindon acted decisively: they bought the shop themselves after the previous management of 29 years announced their retirement.

Raising the funding required through a combination of donations, grants and the sale of £1 shares wasn't easy but the local community worked tirelessly. 

The residents of Hindon bought the premises collectively, refurbished and fitted out the new shop with the help of local contractors and volunteers.


Hindon Village Stores opened on 7 September 2009, one year from the launch of a ‘Save our Shop’ campaign.  The shop continues to grow and attract new customers each day.

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